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Free Range Chicken and Duck Eggs - For Eating and Hatchin'

Chickens and Eggs

We have chicken eggs for sale from our coop to your table!  

Our standard size, heritage breed chickens have the opportunity to free-range on our property all day, then are locked in their coop at night so they will remain safe from predators.  Eggs are large and various shades of brown, although we have an occasional green or pink egg mixed in.  We sell eggs locally and you can pick them up at the farm or arrange for drop off/pick up in town if we are coming your direction.  

Chicken Eggs are $2.50 per dozen 

Khaki Campbell Duck Eggs

Our free-range, Khaki Campbell Ducks started laying in August, and are very dependable, steady layers.  This breed can lay over 300 eggs per year, and are a great choice for someone who has allergies to chicken eggs or just likes the richer taste of duck eggs.  We only have a few dozen of these eggs for sale each week, but if you would like to add duck eggs to your fridge, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Duck Eggs - $4.00 per dozen

Eggs for Hatchin'

We are currently working on our pens in order to be able to keep some of our adult birds separated by breed.  We hope to have this project completed by the spring and will be able to offer pure-bred chicken eggs for hatching.  Current breeds that we have and will be separating from the rest of the flock are: Speckled Sussex, Black and Lavender Orpingtons, Mosaics, and the all-black Ayam Cemani.  

Currently we have eggs that are crosses of the previously listed birds, as well as Easter Eggers, Rhode Island Reds, and Leghorns.  The 'heritage' eggs that we candle are almost always fertile and our hatch rates are good.  Occasionally we have chicks for sale.

Contact us if you would be interested in any Heritage Eggs for hatching, and stay tuned for the pure-bred egg options in the spring.

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