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Nubian Does

THE LAM Kasey                                                        January 20, 2013

ADGA# GE161639454

Sire: Rowangarth MMS Ben 

(Little Cove Mississippi Sam *B x Sunrisevalley Mariahs Mallow)

Dam: With Faith Farm Trissa

(With Faith Farm Jethro x Unknown/Unregistered)

Kasey is an experimental grade, 3/4 nubian x 1/4 alpine cross.  She is as sweet as they come, and has blessed us with 2 beautiful mini-nubian doelings. and one American Nubian buckling.  We are planning on a 2019 breeding to a ADGA Registered Nubian buck, so we can show some juniors next summer.  


JCH Mountain Farm Whisky                                    DOB: April 26, 2018          

ADGA #N1958082

SIRE: Mountain Girl Pux's Moonshine

(Crossed Arrows Punxsutawney x Country Limit Passion)

DAM: Hillbilly Heaven Cuddle Bug

(Nutter Farm Top Rock x Quaker Acres Love Bug)

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