JCH Mountain Farm

Raising Nigerian Dwarf  Dairy Goats in North Central,  West Virginia  since 2008.

Site Updated: May 25,  2015


JCH Mountain Farm CJ Colby             DOB: March 30, 2014

ADGA# D1715281

SIRE: Serfling Farms WAL Colby Jack

(Avian Acres NAT Wally x Avian Acres THG Flora)

DAM: JCH Mountain Farm Snickerdoodle

(Draggin' Hill's Omega's Legacy x Caesar's-Villa SENS Sweetheart)

FOR SALE - $350

Time to part with some boys and bring new blood into the herd.  Colby is a great boy, easy to handle, and throws beautiful kids with lots of color and moonspots.  2017 LA score:  +VV 84

Dollys Acre BTC Mandan "Danny" *B        DOB: May 21, 2015  


SIRE:  Zanzabeez ZSR Burnt To A Crisp (Polled)

(Olson Acres Zoot Suit Riot x Irish Whisper Snap Crackle Pop)

DAM: AGS Boggs Whitetail Ranch Penelope 1*M  (AGS HOG Blackjack x  AGS Creekside Farm Miss Priss)

JCH Mountain Farm 2nd Chance                                 May 20, 2017

ADGA #D1895057

Sire: Dollys Acre BTC Mandan *B

(Zanzabeez ZSR Burnt To a Crisp +B x Boggs Whitetail Ranch Penelope 1*M)

Dam: JCH Mountain Farm Autumn Bess

(Country Bumpkins TLF Bocephus x Caesar's Villa SENS Sweetheart) 

Information on our NEW BUCK COMING SOON....


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