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Raising Nigerian Dwarf  Dairy Goats in North Central,  West Virginia  since 2008.

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Nigerian Dwarf Does:

FOR SALE:  Country Bumpkins HB KT's Angel

March 28, 2008

Sale Pending

AGS #D43131 / ADGA #D14798895

SIRE: Country Bumpkins FID HillBilly

(Dill's OH Fiddle Stix *S x Kids Corral CR Ric-Rac)


DAM: Featherbed Farm Silk Stockings    

(Springs Run Haiku's Zen x Springs Run Pim's Couscous)

Angel is a wonderful milker!  Her teats are large and long, with wide orifices. She could be a little higher in the rear udder because her teats do point forward a bit, but the volume of milk she gives, more than makes up for this. 

Dolly's Acre Bonnie Blue                                         March 15, 2009

Bonnie is another doe that is a dream to milk.  She has long teats with wide orifices, great capacity, and those long legs make it easy to get a pail under her on the milk stand.  She has been shown and gone through LA with a 2015 LA Score of ++V+83.

AGS# D-45371 / ADGA-D1511272 / NDGA# 11958F

SIRE: Heart-N-Hand Holler Mavrick

(Heart-N-Hand Holler Aidan Blue x Brush Creek Aria's Trix)


DAM: Hollow Ache-R Binkey

(Dawn Acres NC Hot Shot x Brush Creek Journey)

Ol' Country CHMP Zipmotize                                     April 9, 2009    

AGS #D49226 / ADGA #D1500391

SIRE: Buttin'Heads Zip of Champagne *S

(Twin Creeks BW Zip Drive *SARMCH

Buttin'Heads Bryedal Veil 2*D

DAM: Buttin'Heads Dulzipmer          

(Twin Creeks BW Zip Drive *S x Buttin'Heads Bryen's Song 4*D)

I purchased Zippy as a companion for another doe that I really wanted, but Zip was the real prize.  She has great dairy strength, good angulation, attachments and depth, with excellent body capacity.  She has large, long teats with wide orifices, and is an easy milker.  She had quintuplets in 2017 and was LA scored about 6 weeks later and scored a VVEV 88.  Not bad for an 8 year old!

JCH Mountain Farm Autumn Bess                   September 13, 2009

AGS# D-149533 / ADGA# D1507623

SIRE: Country Bumpkins TLF Bocephus

(Rosasharn TL Tiger's  'Lfin *S x Wooly Dog Down Rosy Wnterberry)

DAM: Caesar's-Villa SENS Sweetheart

(Caesar's-Villa P Perferd Stock x Caesar's Villa STS Sensational)

Autumn was our first doeling born on the farm.  She has won several Grand Champion ribbons at shows, but has yet to get her CH because of a few of those shows not being sanctioned.  (The things you learn as you get older.) She is easy to show, easy to milk, and a pleasure to call 'our' first doe. She was LA scored in 2015 and scored a VVEE 90.  

JCH Mountain Farm Mocha                               November 27, 2009                                             

AGS# D-49535 / ADGA# D1507509

SIRE: Country Bumpkins TLF Bocephus

(Rosasharn TL Tiger's 'Lfin *S x Wooly Dog Down Rosy Wnterberry)

DAM: Country Bumpkins OM Violet 

(Lost Valley Omega Red *S x Wooly Dog Down Sweet Vidalia)

Mocha is a wonderful brood doe that is homozygous for blue eyes. She is deep bodied, lots of capacity, and although her teats are a little smaller than some of the others, she still gives us all the milk we need. 

JCH Mountain Farm June Bug                           June 14, 2011

AGS# D-62072 / ADGA# D1574091

SIRE: Country Bumpkins TLF Bocephus

(Rosasharn TL Tiger's 'Lfin *S x Wooly Dog Down Rosy Wnterberry)

DAM: Rosasharn UP Pearl Crescent

(Rosasharn CH Uproar *S x Rosasharn's TL Mariposa 4*D VG)

Although small in stature, June Bug is another 'very dairy' doe, that has a high rear udder and arch, udder depth, good teat diameter, and a buttery soft udder that is easy to milk and drains down to almost nothing.  She has been successfully shown and LA scored in 2017 at VVVV 87.

Madison's Meadow Nutmeg                                    December 17, 2011

ADGA# D1598486   

SIRE: Little Tots Estate Buckeye

(Buttin' Heads Red Branch Legend x Little Tots Estate Crocosmia)

 DAM: Little Tots Estate Dandelion

(Woodhaven Farms Levi Legend  x Enchanted Hill  Fritillaria)

According to judges, Nutmeg has one of the pretties heads around. She is very dairy doe,  sharp and angular with great legs, feet, and back.  She has high rear udder attachment, and LA scored in 2017 with a VEV+87.  

FOR SALE - JCH Mountain Farm Daphne                  June 5, 2013

ADGA #D1878074

SIRE:  Draggin' Hill's Omega's Legacy

(Lost Valley Omega Red *S x Sunbriar Jack-A-Lynn)

DAM:  Dolly's Acre Bonnie Blue

(Heart-N-Hand Holler Mavrick x Hollow Ache-R Binkey)

Daphne is a sweet goat that easily and consistently gives 2 quarts of milk per day.  She is an easy milker, with large teats and big orifices that fill a bucket quickly.   

For Sale (In Milk) - $350

JCH Mountain Farm Hot-N-Spicy                             August 1, 2014

ADGA# D1878111

SIRE: Ol'Country 38 Caliber

(Dill's BH 38 Special *S x Ol'Country TLF Tendency)

DAM: Dragin' Hill's Lilly Belle          

(Lost Valley Omega Red *S x Sunbriar Jack-A-Lynn)

Spice is the spitting image of her mother, Lilly, and just as sweet.  We plan on showing her in 2018 and expect this first freshener to do great things!  She has good attachments, very angular, and milks like a dream! 

FOR SALE - JCH Mountain Farm L'il Lexie                 April  19, 2015

ADGA# D1737312

SIRE: AGS Draggin' Hill's Omega's Legacy

(AGS Lost Valley Omega Red *S x AGS Sunbriar Jack-A-Lynn)

DAM: AGS Dollys Acre Bonnie Blue ++V+ 83

(AGS Heart-N-Hand Holler Mavrick x AGS Hollow Ache-R Binkey)

Lexie is the last doeling of our beloved Lego.  She looks just like her sire and has the long legs of her mother, Bonnie.  She has a strong fore udder attachment, good rear udder height, and strong rear udder arch.  Her teats are long, and she has wide orifices that make milking quick and easy.  She was LA scored in 2017 as a 2 year old, and scored a ++V+81

THE Jinx                                                              June 27, 2015

ADGA #D1788132

SIRE: THE Claude

(Nantucks Pride Cletus Tee x Nantucks Pride Nellie)

DAM: Shandel Acres Josie

(DB Ranch Hercules x SHandel Acres Honey

FOR SALE - JCH Mountain Farm Sadie                       April 22, 2016

ADGA #D1802503

SIRE:  Rotten Kidz Magic Thistle

(Dill's XM Merlin x Rotten Kidz SD Scratchy I AM)

DAM: JCH Mountain Farm Izzi's Belle

(JCH Mountain Farm Smokey x JCH Mountain Farm N Izzibella)

JCH Mountain Farm Hazelnut                                        March 17, 2017

ADGA #D1877127

Sire: Dolly's Acre BTC Mandan *B

(Zanzabeez ZSR Burnt To A Crisp +B x Boggs Whitetail Ranch Penelope 1*M)

Dam: Madison's Meadow Nutmeg VEV+87

(Little Tot's Estate Buckeye *B x Little Tots Estate Dandelion)

JCH Mountain Farm Sweet Pea                                         March 16, 2017

ADGA #D1877132P

Sire: Dolly's Acre BTC Mandan *B

(Zanzabeez ZSR Burnt To A Crisp +B x Boggs Whitetail Ranch Penelope 1*M)

DAM:  JCH Mountain farm BO June Bug VVVV87

(Country Bumpkins TLF Bocephus x Rosasharn UP Pearl Crescent)

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